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Contract for Deed - Our typical method of conveying property with owner financing. We provide all the necessary documents including the Warranty Deed, Memorandum of Contract for Deed, P-tax, etc. to ensure your purchase is both proper and secure.


Can we prepay? - Yes, you can prepay part or all at anytime without any penalty.


Are mobile homes allowed? - Yes, most properties allow for singlewides or doublewides. Age of the homes must be 15 years or newer (Age must be verified). Some properties will allow for an older home. All mobile homes are required to have underpinning or a concrete block foundation.

Campers - Camping is permitted on most of our properties; however at no time may a camper be used as a residence.

Pets- No pigs or commercial kennels shall be permitted or raised on the premises. No dumping of trash, household equipment or abandoned vehicles. Horses and cattle restricted to 1 animal per acre;

What about kennels? (Kennels for personal use are allowed) However commercial breeding kennels are prohibited.

Septic System - A septic system is required before a residence may be occupied. A county Health Department permit will have to be obtained prior to septic installation.

Utilities - Most properties will require the client partner to hook up all necessary meters. Meter fees vary per utility provider.

Taxes - All of our client partners are required to pay taxes and insurance. The tax bills are received by Compass West, Inc. and then invoiced to the client partner.

Insurance - Insurance is provided by Compass West, Inc. on each parcel at an estimated 3.257/acre. This amount is invoiced to all client partners for reimbursement until the Contract for Deed is paid. This policy does not cover liability to the client partner. It covers accidents & injuries and a limited amount of property damage.

Title Insurance - A title insurance policy providing merchantable title is provided by Compass West, Inc. when the Warranty Deed is conveyed.

Payment Method - A coupon book is provided for easy reminder of payment. Automatic check handling is accepted and recommended and forms for the ACH are available. Credit card and check by phone payments are also accepted.

Credit Check - A credit application is required from all client partners. Credit approval is easy, even if you have had past credit problems or a recent bankruptcy. A credit application is online and can be faxed for easy processing.

Survey - All tracts are sold with a plat of survey. Property corners are permanently staked.

Transaction Time - Depending on the property Contract for Deed documents can typically be ready within 14 days after signing the sales agreement.

Property Visits - Directions and layouts are available here on our website. Most properties have signs posted on site; however for a guided tour you are always welcome to call Tom at 618-267-4673.

Private Roads - All properties are sold with public or private access. Some private lanes may include shared maintenance agreements and assessments.

** This information is for general guideline purposes only. Specific terms and conditions are set forth in the Contract for Deed documentation. *


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